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Round4Round Tournament

Ruin Your Day launched a 62 day tournament called "Round4Round" in April, 2020 that featured RYD's Kyle Gray watching the three best rounds from two battle rappers every night at 8:00 pm EST. Each episode was live-streamed on Ruin Your Day's YouTube channel, and following each episode, fans could cast their vote on Ruin Your Day's Patreon page for which battle rapper should move forward in the tournament. "Round4Round" provided the Battle Rap community with an entertaining series to watch while the COVID-19 pandemic was top of everyone's minds and also provided Ruin Your Day with a scalable series that could be filmed without any guest appearances during the quarantine.

Designing The Template

The format required me to take a vertical-first approach by focusing the core of the content in the center of the design, which allowed the highlight video and marketing copy to be shown in both the vertical stories version and square Facebook and Twitter versions. I also used a clear call-to-action directing viewers to vote on Ruin Your Day's Patreon page, which I learned from my experience at Wildfire by Google is one of the most important factors for getting higher entry rates in social media contests.


  • The videos drove viewers to Ruin Your Day's Patreon page and increased their paid subscription memberships by 21% during the tournament.


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