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Animated News Series

In 2018, BattleRapNews worked with the design agency The Negra on creating a new brand identity that included new logos, a unique typography, and a signature color palette. I worked with The Negra to also design an Adobe After Effects template that used animated background patterns to give YouTube viewers an entertaining one-minute video that would update them on the latest news in Battle Rap.

The Strategy Behind The Video

This format was used to report on newsworthy videos, specifically on YouTube, and directed viewers to watch that video via a clickable end screen thumbnail. The strategy was to begin a viewing session that would combine the short watch time for the BattleRapNews video with the longer watch time of the original newsworthy YouTube video. The reason for this strategy is because YouTube's algorithm will often rank a video higher in their search results over competing videos if they have a longer watch time and lead to a longer overall viewing session.

After a couple of months of posting these videos on YouTube, the one-minute video format failed to gain traction. At that point, I decided to begin publishing these videos to other social networks where I thought the shorter format could be a better fit. In the first month of posting these videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, these one-minute animated news videos accumulated over 100K views.


  • The short-form animated news series earned over 100k views on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in one month.


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