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Ruin Your Game

Ruin Your Day produces nearly all of the live PPV broadcasts in Battle Rap, but also is a rising digital media company, with over 21M views on their YouTube channel. RYD asked if I could pull highlight moments from two of their original YouTube series, "Ruin Your Game" and "WATCH", which would then be posted to RYD's Facebook and Twitter pages to promote each episode.

Recommending Formats Optimized For Social Media

I recommended that these videos could perform better if I designed a square template for Twitter and Facebook that would repurpose the 1920x1080 YouTube snippet. The reason for this is that the square format takes up more space on scrolling social feeds, which helps give this format a higher click-through rate. I also designed a matching 1080x1920 stories template, which allowed Ruin Your Day for the first time to be able to post daily promo videos of "Ruin Your Game" and "WATCH" on their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube stories.


  • Views for Ruin Your Day's promotional videos increased by 41% on Facebook and by 29% on Twitter by creating a template that leveraged best practices for social video.

  • Ruin Your Day was able to begin sharing their promotional videos for the first time in vertically optimized formats as stories content on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


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