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Vertical News Series

The vertical news series was a short-form, vertical video format that used sourced video content to report on breaking news stories in Battle Rap. The template was designed with a mobile-first approach incorporating a sound-off strategy that used captions and narrative copywrite for users that were unable to listen to audio.

The template was designed to be scalable enough to allow me to gather assets, create the copywrite, and have a vertical storytelling piece of video content published to social media within hours of a story breaking.

The Strategy Behind The Video

This format provided a tool for fans themselves to report on breaking news in Battle Rap and make sure that their friends were in the know, with viewers frequently engaging with this series by tagging their friends to relay the breaking story. Sharing the particular example above became a way for Battle Rap fans to show their encouragement for Suge, with fans often sharing the video and tagging the artist saying "keep going!" and "you're doing great!". Other viewers were motivated by the story and some even shared their own weight loss stories.


  • The vertical news series became the top performing news video format for BattleRapNews, increasing video views by 92% from BRN's original animated news format.


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