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Grand Prix Tournament

KOTD Launches Grand Prix Tournament On Twitch

In 2020, battle rap league King Of The Dot signed an exclusive deal with Twitch to live-stream their Grand Prix tournament on the streaming platform. The tournament was comprised of 16 battlers that represented four different regions in the United States and the winning battle rapper would take home a grand prize of $50,000. During the tournament, KOTD asked me to create highlight videos for social media that would spotlight each battle rapper's performance, bring awareness that the tournament was streaming live every Sunday for free on Twitch, and advertise KOTD's new Twitch URL address.

Designing The Grand Prix Social Video Templates

I designed two templates in Adobe Premiere Pro using creative assets from the Grand Prix brand identity to create scroll-stopping highlight videos for KOTD's social media accounts. One template was designed for a 1080x1080 square version of the highlight and the other was designed for a 1080x1920 stories version. The Premiere templates incorporated an Adobe Photoshop PSD file that allowed me to easily

adapt each video to display the appropriate regional color palette for every battler.

Helping KOTD's Grand Prix Go Viral

I also designed a simple meme-style template that highlighted standout moments from the Grand Prix that could potentially go viral, which discreetly featured King Of The Dot's new Twitch URL address.


  • I created King Of The Dot's second highest-viewed video of all-time on Facebook, which earned over 350K views in one week and helped bring awareness to their new Twitch URL address.

  • The Grand Prix highlight videos generated over 750K views on King Of The Dot's social media accounts during the Grand Prix tournament.

  • The highlight templates were scalable enough to allow me to edit a square and stories version for 80+ moments of the Grand Prix in a six-week timeframe.


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